How to hack your brain with essential oils to manage emotions and stress.

in Dealing with Stress, Essential Oils, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind February 19, 2021

What is a bad mood really?  It is a cocktail of emotions … Chemically speaking, a rush of emotions and feelings that are released from the brain and sent out into our body. As creatures of habit, unfortunately, we’re slightly addicted to the family cocktail of emotions—whatever they are: irritation, sadness, anger, disappointment or frustration.   […]

How to tackle tension headaches, migraines, neck and lower back tension after hours working online.

in Dealing with Stress, Essential Oils, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind February 10, 2021

Pain Management with natural solutions  In the UK Hundreds of billions of pounds per year are spent on pain (like prescription, absence, social benefits, long term sick pay) and this figure is bigger than cancer, heart disease, and diabetes combined.  Did you know that 85% of the UK population will have suffered from a headache […]

Embracing Menopause with Aromatherapy: Natural Ways to Ease Symptoms.

in Essential Oils, Hormone Balance, Nutrition, Yoga November 26, 2020

  Menopause is a significant life transition that women nowadays approach openly and with a healthier perspective than in previous generations.   The stage leading up to menopause, called perimenopause, is when most symptoms occur due to the body producing fewer hormones like estrogen. This change can result in a wide range of symptoms, each […]

Do you usually get this answer when you feel imbalanced?

in Dealing with Stress, Essential Oils, Hormone Balance, Nutrition, Yoga November 19, 2020

     How Aromatherapy can help with hormonal imbalance?  The word hormone comes from the Greek and it means “excite or stimulate”, owing to the stimulation of many body systems and organs.  They originate in a gland and they travel through the blood system to specific part of the body.   This is the main characteristic of hormones, they influence body functions at […]

How to enhance your Face creams

in Essential Oils October 23, 2020

  How to use Aromatherapy to enhance your face creams  Frankincense is The King of oils and have been used for generations. It supports your body at a cellular level.  Healthy cells = healthy you!   It supports brain function and neurological development, it has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties, improves memory, supports a healthy thyroid and it […]

An Aromatherapist aim is to treat the person, rather than the disease…

in Essential Oils, Healthy Body May 12, 2020

An Aromatherapist aim is to treat the person, rather than the disease  During an Aromatherapy Consultation, the focus is on the person, not the symptoms, taking many aspects into consideration like lifestyle, physical mental and emotional conditions of the client, stress levels, and preference of essential oils aromas.  The outcome is a bespoke and unique blend to support the client’s […]

What does ‘Balance’ mean?

in Healthy Mind, Life/Work Balance April 27, 2020

What does “Balance” mean?  As many of you know, I am a former engineer by career dedicating my time now to a Health and Wellness business.  My mum gave me her love for nature, and my dad his holistic approach to mental health.  Along the way, the addition of healthy nutrition, NLP (Neurolinguistics Programming), meditations, […]