1. We all know that spending time in nature is good.
There is science behind this.

There are many reasons connecting with nature is good for mind and body, but electricity probably is not one you have considered.

If you think back to the last time you took a science class, you may remember that everything, including humans, is made up of atoms. These microscopic particles contain equal numbers of negatively charged electrons, and positively charged protons, so an atom is neutral — unless… it loses an electron.

When an atom has an unpaired electron, it becomes a “free radical” with a positive charge, capable of damaging our cells and contributing to chronic inflammation, in this case, “positive” is not a good thing.

One reason direct physical contact with the ground brings beneficial effects is that the earth’s surface has a negative charge and is constantly generating electrons that could neutralize free radicals, acting as antioxidants. You may think of antioxidants as only coming from food, still, it is interesting that we are able to get them directly from the earth, too.

The cells in our blood are also “electrically charged” and when we touch ground we release the excess charge and the cells begin to repel each other making the blood thinner, so it flows more freely getting to every corner of our body.

We have lost that sustained connection we had with earth thanks to inventions such as buildings, furniture and shoes with insulated synthetic soles.

Grounding reduces inflammation and improves blood flow helping us to improve sleep, reduce pain, decrease muscle tension and lower stress levels.

So how do we ground?
 Take your shoes off, go outside and walk on grass, moist soil, sand, sit under a tree, lean against a trunk, simply allow the skin to be in contact with any natural conductors of the earth’s electricity.

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