Aromatherapy for Men – Aromas to support body & mind.

It is a common misconception that essential oils are only for women, but men can take advantage of them too! 


More men are slowly incorporating essential oils into their daily routines to receive health benefits. 


Because essential oils may be an area yet to be discovered by men, is good to start ssmall and with day-to-day products working on the physical level. They will soon discover that essential oils go well beyond this, helping also on the emotional and stress levels. 


The working environment has changed considerably for all of us during the pandemic, pushing us out of our comfort zone. I believe, being flexible and adaptable are more than “nice to haves” to sail through, as we are going through a very singular experience. If we can keep stress and anxiety at bay, we may discover new ways to work that might even be better than before.  


Stress is one of the biggest threats to health and wellbeing, and not checked and managed it impacts every single body system. 


The “fight or flight” mode response is beneficial to make informed decisions and when the stressful scenario has shifted the relaxation response should be initiated. The right amount of stress is good and needed. 


What happens if this “fight or flight” mode is repeated and repeated? We may experience churning stomach, palpitation, diarrhea, nausea, breathlessness, headaches, tense and tight muscles, stiff neck, clenched jaw, dry mouth.

We actually have and feel physical discomforts. It’s not just mental stress, therefore  health and immunity become compromised. 


If the stress persists, the body responds with symptoms quite different than the ones before, exhaustion sets in, energy is depleted, immunity is low, mood is down, we may have recurrent infections, and so on. Long term stress is detrimental to the body.


If we add a constant sequence of “what-ifs and if-only” into this mix, trying to guess a probable future that may never occur, we end up with Chronic stress.   


The quickest way to stop those running thoughts and stay in the present is to connect with our senses: because they only operate in the present: movement, smell, sound, taste and touch.


If we STOP and connect with our senses, we stop the repetitive unproductive thoughts. We are in the here and now. This is valid for everyone.


As I am dedicating this blog to men, for them, movement is a great resource.  

From jogging, riding, to team sports, movement comes very natural to them, and it is a great tool to let the tensions out.  


The focus now is on the sense of smell, using essential oils  not only for the physical benefits, these products will also target stress, flexibility and adaptability to sail through.


Our sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than any other senses. The olfactory bulb is the only place in the body where the central nervous system is exposed to the environment. Hence our brain is designed to use aroma to heal and soothe itself, shifting our perspective and changing your vibe. Let’s use this tool to get what they want to achieve. 



Here are some ideas to incorporate essential oils in their daily lives, allowing them to engage and appreciate the benefits in the long run.



  • Shaving oil with Tea Tree, Patchouli, Peppermint and Cedarwood. Improves razor glide for a close, comfortable shave, preventing skin damage. This oil will leave the skin smooth, healthy, and moisturised.
  • Aftershave lotion with Tea Tree, Cedarwood, Peppermint and Myrrh.  Shaving may be essential, but razor bumps don’t have to be!.  This aftershave lotion, is light to the touch, enriched with calming essential oils, that will help to soothe the skin leaving it feeling fresh & smooth.  The addition of Jojoba is key to help regulate sebum production, as it has a similar structure to our sebum.  Jojoba itself will  increase or decrease the sebum production based on the type of skin. When applied to the skin, this blend prevents bacterial infections, promotes faster healing of wounds, reduces itching, it’s good for inflamed skin and cell regeneration. After 20 mins, through the skin the essential oils are in every cell of the body. Therefore, also acting on the emotional & stress levels. Peppermint is a quick pick me up, it’s uplifting and reduces depression; Tea Tree is a body and mind stimulator; Myrrh is comforting; Cedarwood uplifts mood and lowers irritability.  After applying on the face, they can take 3 deep breaths from what’s left on their hands for further relaxation, uplifting sensation, and nasal decongestions. They can wash their hands or just moisturize them.  From a simple after shaving lotion many health benefits can be experienced with the addition of  getting acquainted with the oils.  
  • Beard oil: hydrating and soothing, with herby, woodsy aromas to condition the beard while addressing problems such as dandruff and skin irritations. With Jojoba Oil as a moisturising carrier oil, Lavender oil for its calming properties, Tea Tree Oil for its antiseptic properties, and Rosemary oil for its herbaceous scent and hair growth. Its Antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral and to reduce skin inflammations.  Once applied on the beard they will be breathing in these oils, hence this blend will be improving feelings of wellbeing, balancing extreme emotions, supporting mental alertness, concentration and reducing anxiety. 

Then for those men that would embark and appreciate applying essential oils on the skin: 



  • Energising roller with Lemon, Lime, Rosemary & Peppermint, for a quick and effective “pick me up” any moment of the day. Easy to carry on the go.  When stress has led to the exhaustion level we mentioned, Peppermint and Rosemary are very useful and 100% against fatigue.Peppermint has been widely demonstrated to increase alertness and benefit memory; Rosemary is a mental stimulant, promotes mental clarity and increases concentration. This blend lifts feelings of sluggishness and apathy. Palo Santo could be an excellent addition to this blend, it’s has a woody, herby, lemonish aroma great for stress.  Revives energy in fatigued states, fosters concentration, supports emotional pain, nervousness and panic.
  • Preventing “Thinning Hair Spray” with Lavender, Cypress and Rosemary to use daily to promote stronger hair. I use a low dilution on Witchhazel so it’s not going to leave the hair looking oily. Hair growth depends on genetics, age, hormones, lifestyle, and stress can also play a part.  As an Aromatherapist, we cannot really help with the hair itself, but we can impact the health of the scalp. Through the scalp the absorption will also impact on the emotional levels.  Physically: Cypress and Rosemary promote circulation which is key for the scalp to nurture the hair follicles. On the emotional side, Cypress is good for transitions, and sailing through difficult work situations, extreme or imbalance emotions. 
  • Hydrolats are also good to treat scalp issues: they are light and fresh. For example, hydrolat sprays with Rosemary for itchy and oily scalp, with German chamomile for sensitive scalp,  with Cedarwood to make hair look soft and healthy, encouraging regrowth. 

If they feel the benefits, and engage with the usage of essential oils, then you can start helping them with insomnia, headaches, aches and pains and much more… 

These are  ideas to support and care for them, but if you have in mind a different way to introduce oils for them, do get in touch …Let the aromas lead them slowly to a healthier lifestyle  🌿🌿


There isn’t one giant step that does it, it’s a lot of little steps” 



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