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Clarisa Ayllon Health and Wellness

My purpose is to share with you my knowledge about natural solutions to empower you:

  • Beat stress, anxiety & insomnia helping your family how to stay calm and healthy.
  • Fight pain, allergies and headaches in an effective, affordable way with no side-effects.
  • Cutting-edge supplementation to reduce inflammation at cellular level.
  • Boost energy and mood hacking into your brain with essential oils to shift your perspective and change your vibe.
  • Better mature skin , acne, eczema and much more…

Hello! I’m Clarisa, Engineer by career, married, mother of 2, Certified Aromatherapist and “Yoga & Nature” lover.

I made a big leap and set up my Health & Wellness Centre. I feel lucky to genuinely love what I do and the people I get to help.

So, what do I do and how can I help you?

During a consultation, the focus is on the person (not the symptom) taking many aspects into consideration: lifestyle, physical-mental and emotional state, stress levels, preference of essential oils aromas.
The outcome is a bespoke and unique blend to match your health goals.

Feel re-charged by the aromas after a consultation where you learn how to use  Essential Oils in your everyday life to help you and your family naturally.

They are effective, child friendly and no side effects.

I provide handouts and samples to get you started.

Need a space for your wellness classes or services?

Clarisa Ayllon Studio is available to rent for Health & Wellness professionals who seek a comfortable, safe space to practice in.

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