Our Mission

To empower and educate people to thrive in health through Aromatherapy”

What I do and How Can I help you?

During a consultation, the focus is always on the person and not the symptoms. I take many aspects into consideration: lifestyle, physical-mental and emotional state, stress levels, preference of essential oil aromas and other factors. The outcome is a bespoke and unique blend to support your health needs.

My purpose is to share with you my knowledge about natural solutions to empower you to beat an array of ailments including stress symptoms, anxiety and insomnia. I support you to fight pain, allergies and headaches in an effective, affordable way with no side-effects. I can also educate you about cutting-edge testing and supplementation to reduce inflammation at the cellular level. Aromatherapy can even boost your energy and mood, hacking into your brain with essential oils to shift your perspective and change your vibe.

There is so much that I can do to support your health and wellbeing, so get in touch today for a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your concerns and how I can help.



Caring and supportive

Achievable and realistic

Balanced (80/20 approach)

Respectful – “come as you are”

Sustainable and ethical

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