Natural Solutions to detox, cleanse, tone and moisture skin. 

The skin in adulthood can weigh almost 5 kgs and cover an area about the size of a large dining room table. Although is so large, it can be as thin as ½ mm and yet is the only one solid protection we have against the environment. 

The skin is our ultimate overcoat: is waterproof, regulates heat, it gives us protection from Physical trauma, bacterial invasion, dehydration, ultraviolet radiation, chemical and thermal damage, immunity.


The skin is responsible to produce Vitamin D. With only one hour per week of sunlight on the hands, arms and face is enough for the skin to make vitamin D. This is less than 10 mins a day. 

If you expose face, arms and hands 10 mins a day you will be producing the vitamin D we all need to absorb calcium and promote bone growth, teeth and muscles. 

It can also be supplemented eating Fatty fish and seafood which are among the richest natural food sources of vitamin D, also mushrooms and free range eggs.

We are born with soft, smooth skin with a thick layer of fat and only a thin layer of protective keratin. It is not a very effective barrier against harmful substances. 
That is why is so important to reduce the toxic exposure of our children, and try to use as more natural solutions as possible. 
As we grow our skin thickens and strengthen and by adulthood we have a strong skin that functions effectively in protecting us and regulating our body temperature. 
When we get older it thins again, both layers!,  that is why we have less resistance to very cold and very hot days, less protection against the sun and we lose the elasticity showing wrinkles and blemishes.
It is a giant organ of elimination, getting rid of all the waste through the pores with the sweat. If the other organs of elimination: kidneys and colon are not working efficiently, a variety of skin dis-eases ranging from eczema, acne, dermatitis, boils, may occur, because the body is trying to push out through the skin more toxins than the skin can effectively cope with, is doing the job of someone else.  

“The skin is communicating that stress and toxins are quite high and she is not coping. The skin reflects the state of our health & emotions” 


Using natural products without preservatives or harsh ingredients we can help improve skin issues safely, also targeting what is happening inside that shows through the skin.


First: Detox

To let all the toxins out and help the skin to have a break.

Juniper Berry is perhaps the most important essential oil to use in detoxifying, and it is significant that it is a mental detoxifier too. So, it works on both levels: mental and physical. We know that essential oils work on more than one level. Therefore, we can create a detox body cream with juniper berry and also diffuse it, so the aroma will help us on the mental stress levels. 

👉To create a detoxifying body cream to help with cellulite, water retention and for skin re generation:

Pick a good, organic base cream, add Juniper, Cypress, Atlas Cedarwood and a final feminine touch with Geranium. 

👉To create a diffusing blend:  4 drops Juniper Berry + 4 drops Lemon + 4 drops Geranium. 

👉Dry brushing: once or twice a week before jumping into the shower, with soft circular and upwards movements. It has a myriad of benefits: 

• stimulates the lymphatic system, preventing  spider and varicose Veins,

• exfoliates the skin,

• helps the body get rid of toxins,

• increases blood circulation and energy,

• helping to break down cellulite.

All of these actions promote internal detoxification which can aid in weight loss, cellulite reduction and the elimination of accumulated toxins. 

Also stimulates collagen production, which will help to thicken the skin and lessen the appearance of fat cells. It also dramatically increases elasticity, so it’s great for toning a problem area, or to clear away scar tissue.

Please skip dry brushing if you have very sensitive skin or inflammatory skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis or varicose veins. Dry brushing extremely dry or delicate skin can just aggravate things more.

👉  Due to saturation of those unavoidable environmental toxins, it’s a known fact that our gut health isn’t as it should be to support our immune system … without a healthy gut, you can’t have a healthy immune system. Without a healthy immune system, you’re open to infections, inflammation and autoimmune disease.

So, we may need to consider ‘removing the bad’ things that negatively affect the environment of the GI tract – such as inflammatory and toxic foods. There is a “cutting-edge” way to consume Kale, wheat grass, Aloe Vera, spirulina and more packed in a non GMO, organic and natural way which is equivalent to 7-8 green smoothies. A powerhouse to eliminate toxins! Get in touch to know more


Second: Cleanse & Tone

Here is a natural recipe to cleanse: 
👉2 cups coconut oil 2 + tbsp Sweet Almond Oil + 2 tbsp Castile Soap 
10 drops doTERRA melaleuca oil
10 drops doTERRA lavender oil
10 drops doTERRA eucalyptus oil SO AMAZING!
👉Use Hydrolats as natural toners:
Hydrolats are the result of essential oil distillation so it has traces of essential oils and they are very safe: 
Rose hydrolats for normal to dry skin. 
Chamomile or Melissa Hydrolats for very sensitive or allergic skin, 
Neroli/ orange hydrolats for oily skin.

To combat hot flashes Peppermint hydrolat. 

Third: moisturising & anti-aging creams

The skin produces its own protective layer called sebum. Because the sebum is an oily wax, essential oils applied to the skin will dissolve into this wax and make the absorption by the skin even easier. 


Our face is constantly exposed to the weather, pollution, central heating and, and we do care for our facial appearance. 


Essential oils can contribute enormously to the health and appearance of the skin.  


 👉In the case of Oily skin and acne, we need to reduce the amount of sebum produced and control the bacteria that thrives on the surface of an oily skin: 

Bergamot reduces sebum production (astringent) and Lavender has a balancing effect and promotes the growth of new cells, both are antiseptic and control bacteria on the surface of the skin.


👉In the case of dry skin, what we found is less of this sebum production, which leads to very attractive youth skin but wrinkles will appear quicker than in an oily skin.  

Because this skin is usually sensitive essential oils from flowers are the best: Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Jasmine, Neroli, Immortelle & Yarrow. 


👉Geranium and Sandalwood can balance the sebum production (reduce or increase) making this blend beneficial for oily or dry skin,  as they reduce or increase the production of sebum as needed.  


👉Normal Skin-  Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Neroli, Cedarwood.


Last but not least: rollers touch up!

Wether you have dry, normal or oily skin Frankincense & Palmarosa are excellent additions for the anti-aging properties: 


👉They are for all types ok skin, 

👉They help to regenerate ageing skin, 

👉They contract and tone tissue helping to smooth and tone wrinkles


You can apply a roller with Frankincense & Palmarosa before make up or on top of it during the day when you feel the skin is drying, and especially after the moisturiser, protecting your skin from the central heating during the night. 


For intensive anti-aging treatment, you can add special carrier oils into the roller: Jojoba Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E, Avocado.

This roller works on the 2nd layer, nourishing and preventing aging and wrinkles. 

Essential oils have the ability of working on multiple levels…


👉so while Frankincense is working on your skin it also strengthening your immune system and providing calm and relaxation

Apply on wrists and take deep breaths or roll on sole of the feet before bedtime. 


The less harsh ingredients we use the better for our skin and less disruptive for our hormones.


                   Skin First


                   Make up Second


                   Smile always ! 



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