Finding Calm in Chaos: Essential Oils for Stress Relief for Busy Mums

in Essential Oils, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Life/Work Balance July 12, 2023

Finding calm in chaos :  Essential oils for stress relief for busy mums  As a professional clinical aromatherapist, I have discovered the myriad ways in which aromatherapy can serve as an invaluable tool for self-care, particularly for busy moms who often struggle to find a balance between work, children, and their own needs. One such […]

Work – Life Balance

in Essential Oils, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Life/Work Balance October 28, 2021

Work-Life Balance   Traditionally, we view reaching a good work-life balance as hitting a goal.  Some researchers are now encouraging us to stop thinking about work-life balance as an achievement that we either hit or miss. Instead, they suggest it may be more of a lifelong process – a continuous, never-ending exercise that requires vigilance, self-awareness and timely tweaks. In […]

What does ‘Balance’ mean?

in Healthy Mind, Life/Work Balance April 27, 2020

What does “Balance” mean?  As many of you know, I am a former engineer by career dedicating my time now to a Health and Wellness business.  My mum gave me her love for nature, and my dad his holistic approach to mental health.  Along the way, the addition of healthy nutrition, NLP (Neurolinguistics Programming), meditations, […]