Addressing Pain & Chronic Inflammation with cutting-edge seed dense nutrients

in Anti-ageing, Dealing with Stress, Detox, Essential Oils, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Hormone Balance, Nutrition November 4, 2021

Addressing Pain & Chronic Inflammation     In this Blog we are sharing cutting-edge seed dense nutrients information to address pain & chronic inflammation naturally. This information was shared in a collaborative call between Clarisa Ayllon and Stella Kennard on Nov 3rd 2021.  In the UK Hundreds of billions of pounds per year are spent on pain: prescriptions, absences, […]

Prevent Crepey Skin

in Anti-ageing, Carrier Oils, Detox, Essential Oils, Nutrition July 8, 2021

Discover the difference between  Moisture & hydration to prevent crepey skin.   Here is the key difference between moisture and hydration. The skin barrier is in charge of preventing water loss. A strong skin barrier reduces the so called trans epidermal water loss (TEWL), meaning the skin retains moisture for longer. So if our skin can hold moisture […]