Ginger promotes motivation, courage, and self-confidence. It invites abundance, helping us to tap into the richness of the universe.

in Essential Oils, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind December 6, 2020

Ginger is Earthy, woodsy, and warmly aromatic, has been used for more than 5000 years by many cultures as a systemic tonic to balance hormones, enhance energy, improve digestion, reduce morning and travel sickness, reduce inflammation, aid in circulation (rubefacient) and boost immunity.  To be honest is not my cup of tea but I became […]

What does ‘Balance’ mean?

in Healthy Mind, Life/Work Balance April 27, 2020

  As many of you know, I am a former engineer by career dedicating my time now to a Health and Wellness business.   My mum gave me her love for nature, and my dad his holistic approach to mental health.  Along the way, the addition of healthy nutrition, NLP (Neurolinguistics Programming), meditations, and more recently […]