Finding calm in chaos : 

Essential oils for stress relief for busy mums

As a professional clinical aromatherapist, I have discovered the myriad ways in which aromatherapy can serve as an invaluable tool for self-care, particularly for busy moms who often struggle to find a balance between work, children, and their own needs. One such case that vividly comes to mind is that of my client, Erin.
Erin, a creative professional and a mother of two small children, was grappling with the effects of stress stemming from an overwhelming workload and the demands of her family life. Erin’s situation is far from unique, many moms face this precarious juggling act daily. They often seek my help to explore how aromatherapy can be woven into their self-care routines, offering both relaxation and an element of pampering that leaves them feeling refreshed and renewed.
With Erin’s case, I crafted custom essential oil blends specifically suited to her lifestyle. For daytime use, the blend was designed to foster creativity and rejuvenate energy, crucial for her demanding creative job. The nighttime blend, on the other hand, was a specially designed roller to promote relaxation, facilitate the winding-down process, and aid in a sound sleep.

But the magical world of aromatherapy doesn’t stop with Erin’s needs. 

Realising her small children were having difficulty winding down and maintaining sleep, I devised a bath salt mix with organic coconut oil base and a touch of calming lavender essential oils. This gentle concoction, perfect for their evening baths, was designed to soothe their sensitive skin and souls, setting the stage for a peaceful night’s rest.
Furthering the self-care routine for children, I crafted a lavender-infused foot cream. Applying essential oils to the feet can be surprisingly effective due to the quick absorption in this area. With this in mind, the foot cream not only serves as a relaxing addition to their routine but also acts as an effective aromatherapy application. Erin happily reported back that her children absolutely loved these new additions to their routine. She confessed to finding the foot cream so pleasant that she started using it herself!
Aromatherapy opens a realm of possibilities for bespoke solutions for busy moms. From diffuser blends to cater to the specific needs of your day, to bath products signalling your mind and soul that it’s time to unwind, aromatherapy offers a wealth of options for self-care.
Erin’s experience showcases just a glimpse of what aromatherapy can do to help overworked moms find balance, relaxation, and a much-deserved sense of pampering. This holistic approach to self-care is simple, effective, and most importantly, it brings joy to your daily routine. Rejuvenate your energy, restore your creativity, and rekindle your spirits with the healing touch of aromatherapy. It’s not just about smelling good, it’s about feeling good too!

Are you a busy mom wanting to balance your energy, relaxation, and other family wellbeing concerns just like Erin did? 

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