Peaceful & Powerful : Frankincense essential oil

Frankincense essential oil is one of the gifts from the 3 Kings to baby Jesus and considered itself as the King of Oils. Considered among the most prized and costly substances in the ancient world.

 This beautiful essential oil comes from a small tree native to North Africa. It exudes a resin in drops and the essential oil is extracted from the resin by steam distillation. The name itself derives from mediaeval French: “franc” meaning free pure or abundant and Latin “incensum” meaning to smoke.

It has a spicy, sweet, woody, complex aroma. Frankincense, in the form of the resin, has been burned on altars and in temples since earliest antiquity in many rituals and belief systems of many religions.


I find it fascinating to reflect on the fact that Frankincense has, among its physical properties, the ability to slow down and deepen the breath, and to breathe more slowly and deeply soon produces feelings of calm. This is the main reason why Frankincense is the king of oils.

That is why it assists in meditations and mindfulness practices:  it can be blended with Lemon, Neroli, Patchouli, Palo Santo or Sandalwood. Or just alone. If you need to make friends with the aroma just blend it. These are all powerful oils, you don’t need to put too much into a diffuser. 

That is why Frankincense is one of the top oils for depression and anxiety. Use a roller on the back of your neck (near your brain stem) as needed throughout the day for relief. It can provide spiritual support, bringing comfort and peace in the form of deep relaxation. Apply to the bottom of your feet in the morning to promote feelings of relaxation and balance throughout the day. People in panic decompress and calm down very quickly after inhaling Frankincense and it is always a good choice for anyone who has just experienced something traumatic. 

The aroma of Frankincense primarily stimulates two cerebral centres: 

The Raphe nucleus to release serotonin and GABA for the calming effect. The Hippocampus and then amygdala to release various neurotransmitters for mental stimulation. So, a bit of theory here, but much needed, Frankincense has sesquiterpenes for the calming effect and monoterpenes for the stimulation effect. Not many oils have this chemical make-up. Another reason why we call it the king of oils.

Ideal to tackle brain fog, it promotes mental clarity, focus and cognitive enhancement. Nice blends include Bergamot, Coriander, Lemon, Lime, or Rosemary.

Because of the ability to slow down and deepen the breath, Frankincense is one of the most valuable oils for use in respiratory infections. Is one of the best pulmonary antiseptic’s, calm coughs, and is indicated particularly where there is bronchial catarrh, like in chronic bronchitis.  Use it in inhalations and baths or foot baths. You can put in the diffuser Frankincense with Cedarwood, Pine, Lavender or Tea Tree.

I particularly like Frank, Tea Tree and Cedarwood. 

👉For baths or foot baths, mix it with Epsom salts and some coconut oil. Fill the tub with warm water, remember very hot water stimulates instead of calm, and when you’re about to jump in, blend the mix into the water.

I have found this oil very helpful for people with asthma, because of the way in which it slows and deepens the breathing.  Useful where anxiety is often a trigger for the attacks. In this case, the heat of steam inhalations is not recommended. It’s better to apply topically or to have a diffuser running in the room.

Diffuser blend: Frankincense + Tea Tree + Cypress.

Or Roman Chamomile, Clove, Myrrh. 

Never Eucalyptus alone, the expectorant properties can trigger an asthma attack, blend it with calming oils like Lavender or Roman Chamomile. 

Frankincense strengthens the immune system and is especially useful in cases where the immune system is weakened because of stress and depression.  

Support your body at a cellular level

Healthy cells = a healthy you!  


Frankincense supports brain function and neurological development, it has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties, improves memory, and reduces hyperactivity. 


Frankincense oil is recommended topically for the relief of joint pain and muscular aches and pains.  Try it blended with Copaiba, Black Pepper, Clove, Ginger, Peppermint or Rosemary, in massage creams, baths, foot baths.

It is a uterine tonic and may be helpful for abnormally heavy periods, used in baths and gentle massage over the abdomen. It can safely be used during pregnancy.


Last but not least: is anti-Aging! use a roller ball on clean skin face morning and night, Frankincense works on the 2nd layer of the skin to smooth wrinkles and blemishes. Around the eyes, apply on the bone and  by capillary goes into the sensitive skin around the eyes. for darkness, tired looking skin.

Great wound healing properties, good for scars – especially C-Section scars, sores, rashes, sunburn.  Particularly helpful for older skin, and has a definite tonic effect, helping to restore some tone to slack-looking facial skin and slowing down the appearance of wrinkles. It may even reduce the extent of wrinkles that have already formed.   

To promote wound healing is nice blended with everlasting, lavender, Myrrh, Patchouli, Yarrow or Sandalwood. Add a drop every 10grs in your moisturiser to enhance it. 

Always be very careful with the quality of the oil, the sources and suppliers, as Frankincense is easily adulterated owing to the cost. Spend in a good one as it goes a long way. 

On an emotional level, here is an oil that creates connection in all our body, generating a dynamic balance, easing mental chatter and stilling the mind. It is very valuable to people who tend to dwell on past events, it brings us back to the “here and now”. 

Frankincense is warmth, light and energy!


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