What does “Balance” mean? 

As many of you know, I am a former engineer by career dedicating my time now to a Health and Wellness business. 

My mum gave me her love for nature, and my dad his holistic approach to mental health. 

Along the way, the addition of healthy nutrition, NLP (Neurolinguistics Programming), meditations, and more recently an Aromatherapy Certification, are all part of a journey to pursue balance.

So, what does the word “Balance” mean to Clarisa Ayllon?

The practice of an 80/20 approach:  if we can choose 80% of the time a natural approach to foster prevention, we leave the other 20% for when we absolutely need an antibiotic, a strong allopathic medicine, and a more traditional approach.

Natural remedies made with Essential oils, come from a living plant and contain the energy of the plant. This organic energy is transferred to our body and restores health in a sustainable way.   Organics -> talk to -> Organics.

For any medicine to work it must get into the body. Essential oils do this by the inhalation of the aroma through the nose or by the absorption through the skin.

The olfactory nerve runs from the nose to the limbic system, the home of our memory and emotions, that is why “aromas” trigger sensations and emotions. They also trigger a hormonal cascade of signals to the different parts of the body creating powerful healing responses.

In 20 mins, the essential oils are in every cell of the body, where they react directly with the body’s chemistry.

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