An Aromatherapist aim is to treat the person, rather than the disease 

During an Aromatherapy Consultation, the focus is on the person, not the symptoms, taking many aspects into consideration like lifestyle, physical mental and emotional conditions of the client, stress levels, and preference of essential oils aromas. 

The outcome is a bespoke and unique blend to support the client’s needs.

The organic essential oils are properly diluted into organic vegetable carrier oils to allow diffusion into the skin, avoid irritations, and quick evaporation. They also bring great nourishment to the skin. 

Carriers and essential oils individually are healing. Together they weave into a powerful treatment. 

A synergistic effect between The blend → The client → Healing process. 

Recently, we participated in Continuing Professional Development training where we discussed in depth how to provide extensive support to Women’s vaginal health conditions. 

There is so much we can do with essential oils to support women of all ages, from teenagers, mums to be, Labor, raising a family to menopause.

Powerful blends provide support during stressful medical appointments and help with real feminine conditions.

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